zondag 14 juni 2009


Remember my challenge? Well, I didn't make it. I finished 2 pants, but am disappointed. Not because I didn't live up to my self-imposed deadline, but because of the pants themselves. They don't have a good fit. And I'm very grumpy about that.

The stripy one is to tight on my hips and doesn't fould over my bottom nicely.

I so love the fabric, it's a thin ikat-like cotton and I envisioned wearing it during the summers, with all kinds of colourful T's. It's such a pity the pattern (a Burda one from 2008) didn't work out.
The brown one is also to tight on the hips and I have a huge belly in it. It's made of a
beautiful dark chocolate linen and I will probably wear it with some kind of tunic or other garment that will mask its errors, but again, not a good pattern (from an old Knip) for me.

I go on with sewing all the unfinished pieces, but it won't be with much joy since I fear the winterskirt has the same problem. It makes my hips stand out. So the lesson learned the hard way: I have to carefully think about what pattern suits my figure best, before making something. Because with the right combinations I can look really good, if I say so myself.

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  1. Ahhh.. That sucks... But the brown ones look great. You're closer to them, though, so you know better.

    Keep up with the challenge. It's a very good one, at least Feng-Shui wise. It inspired me to organize my unfinished projects better, so I can have more space for my current project, and not suffer so much about the stuff I haven't finished yet :)