maandag 12 januari 2015

Orange sweater.

My boy really needs some new sweaters, as he has outgrown the ones I made him last year. So I started with the first of three, an orange one. How I love this colour, for him and for me to wear.

He could have done with one larger size, but for the moment it's still OK. I used a recent pattern from the spring issue of 2014 of Ottobre, with a few adjustments.
The owl is a design from an older issue, ( 4/2005) and meant as a paint template, but I made an applique out of it. It really came out good. I also like the detail of the two buttons on the hood, even though my trusty Pfaff is too old to make nice clean buttonholes.

When the hood was already finished (I added a lining and also made a border made from the same material as the cuffs and waistband) I read in the instructions that I should have added some elastic tape in the top. Too late.
But then I had the idea of adding a piece of elastic band into the border of the hood. That worked out very well.
Pelle is a good model now, he even wanted me to make pictures of the sides. At your service, boy :-)

I hope you'll stay warm and comfortable in this homesewn piece sweety.

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