vrijdag 19 september 2014


I love to sew, but there's one disadvantage: you are dependent upon a machine. So what to do if you're on holiday? Option 1: bring along all your stuff (sewing machine, fabrics, scissors, unpicker, patterns, sewing thread etc.) or option 2: do something else.

This summer, I went all the way. I brought my faithful Pfaff and even my serger to the campsite, into our cabin. And I absolutely loved being busy in the evenings. But then we went to the southern part of the Netherlands, and there was no room left in our car. So I choose option 2. I brought my needles and yarn along. 

A simple stitch,  a simple pattern, and a wonderful yarn: Purelife Revive from Rowan. It's made from used garments which are carded and made into new yarn, containing a mixture of recycled silk, cotton and viscose. I love the pink colour, with spickles of other tinges.

No, this is no me. It's the model from the rowan website, showing the piece, called Spelt, in grey tones.

It will take some time before the cardigan is finished, but I don't mind. It's not only the result that counts, but also the joy of making.

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