donderdag 20 februari 2014

A pair of jeans.

(Het Nederlandse stukje is onderaan.)

I sewed my boy a pair of jeans.
Hmm, the picture messes with the sripes.. Below you have a better impression of the fabric. Will make some better pics if the light is getting better. It's grey and clouded now.

I never intended to make real jeans. I like the pairs I can buy in the stores here and don’t want to fuss with little staples and other metal. But sometimes things have a way of coming together, like a pattern and an old fabric from my stash.
I traced the pattern of the guitar jeans (Ottobre 4/2008) with a broad whale corduroy in mind. But on second thoughts, I found the fabric to soft for such a straight style. And as I rummaged through my stash to find a good match, I stumbled upon an old jacket that never became one. Just right for the guitar piece.

You can see the pieces of the jacket: front, back, sleeves in two. And the remnant.
 It’s kind of corduroy on the outside and jeans on the inside. Soft, sturdy and warm. Great for this season. The fabric had bleached a bit in some places and I used those parts strategically to give the jeans a bit of a worn look
I had to cut the back of the legs out of  3 different parts of fabric and decided to play around with the reverse side, too.

Back with an elastic band. Better for my slender boy. It also saves me from sewing beltloops. I made red bartacks on the pockets.
The red stitches are made by the 3-way stitch on my Pfaff, so they stand out and don't sink into the cord.

I made a semi-fake fly (learned that from a pattern of Make It Perfect) and velcro to close. That’s an experiment, don’t know if it will work, but my boy announced in the middle of making the jeans that he likes to have his pants with an elastic waistband, because it’s so easy to put on. This is as far as I could manage easy closure while already having sewn the fly. The button is just embellishment and goes with the little red accents I made here and there.

Reverse hem with a little biastape on the outher seam.
Sewing the jeans felt great, I was in a flow and all the pieces came together spot on, except for the waistband, but nobody will see that as he wears it.
The fit is just like I wanted it, not to baggy, not to slim, so here’s a very pleased woman.

Ik ben heel blij met deze nieuwe broek voor Pelle. Hij is mooi recht, niet te strak en niet te wijd.
Ik heb wat rode accenten aangebracht en de verkeerde kant van de stof gebruikt. Die stof, daar wilde ik ooit een jack van maken, maar hij komt nu goed van pas voor de broek. Sommige stukken waren al verschoten, die heb ik strategisch gebruikt, zodat de broek een mooie uitstraling heeft.
Ik heb een halve nepgulp gemaakt (geen rits, wel een open naad) en in de achterkant van de tailleband zit elastiek. De broek zit als gegoten.

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