vrijdag 31 januari 2014

Little stars.

After making the baby sweater (last post), the urge to sew something more reappeared. As my boy is starting to outgrow the clothes I made him last year, I started with a sweater. I bought some fleece in our local shop, being there to but pattern paper. Fleece is not my favorite fabric, but easy to handle and suitable for the season. I went for a model in a recent Ottobre (4/2013, # 40, size 134 without seams).
To spruce things up, I added lime trimmings.

I did not line the hood, but used a biastape to conceal the seam.
Still experimenting with the best way to make a nice finish. The twin needle did not workout, so I used a honeycomb stitch.
And then it turned out to be too tight. :-( .That hardly happens, since the Ottobre patterns are usually quite roomy and my boy is slim. I guess on the whole, the patterns are getting slimmer. At least for pants, so maybe for tops too.
I tried to sell the sweater for 15 euro, but had no reaction so far. I think most people are put off by the fact it’s homemade, or don’t realize that fabric isn’t always cheap. Or maybe it’s not trendy enough for most 7 -8 years old boys, I don’t know.
Anyway, lesson learned and unto another trial.

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