vrijdag 12 april 2013

Awaiting Spring / Laat nu de lente maar komen

(Het Nederlandse stukje is onderaan).

I made 3 T’s for Pelle, to wear for the upcoming season. I bought the fabric online in Germany. It’s a bit uncommon for me, but I let the fabric do all the work and did not add any appliqués or embellishments. The sleeves are from second-hand T’s. I might change the neck ribbon of the orange one. It’s made from the same knit as the sleeves, and it is not quite the way I like it. I find real ribbon has a far smoother result, but since I had no red I opted for the knit. Won’t do that again.

link to the fabric.

link to the fabric

link to the fabric.

The only thing we need right now, here in Holland, is spring weather. We had an unusually cold March and April month, but the forecasts are promising for this weekend.
Ik heb 3 nieuwe T-shirts voor Pelle gemaakt, voor het komende seizoen. De stof heb ik online gekocht bij onze oosterburen. Als je daar meer over wilt weten, klik dan even op de linkjes onder de foto's.
Ik hoop dat Pelle ze veel kan dragen dit komende periode.

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