zondag 17 juni 2012


Every year, in the late days of spring, children all over the Netherlands participate in an event called de avondvierdaagse, where they walk 5 or 10 kilometer each day (depending on their age), during 4 evenings. Last week was already the second time our boy walked, together with his class and alongside mum or dad.
A few girls from his class.

Here he is in action, wearing his sailor pants (last post) and the T from school.

The last night, he got 2 bunches of flowers, a medal from gran and an official one from the organization. To top it off, I bought him an ice-cream.

I’m proud of him, doing so well and enjoying it all.

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  1. Wow, that's quite a long walk! I don't know if my children would walk it without complaining! He looks very happy!