donderdag 14 juni 2012

It's Pelle, the sailor man.

It's Pelle, the sailor man. by oddwise
I took this picture before he went to school, this morning. The days are finally getting a bit warmer over here.
You can see that the neck of the T is a bit wide and the pants are a bit baggy, but I like the combo and it's not like he swims in it.

Our sailor from the right. by oddwise
Trying how much noise you can make with a flute.

matrozen T-shirt. by oddwise

I love orange and stripes, so I bought this fabric online. It's very unusual, though, because it's not a regular knit but far more sturdy and not that strechy. So not quite ideal for the model, with that neckline which has to be tight. I'm still pleased with the result, though. The shape is the best I could get.
sailor T, neckline. by oddwise
sailor pants, back. by oddwise
Back of the pants.
This is the forth time I made this model. I started in 2008 , made it in 2009 2009 and 2010 This time it's in size 122. The buttons are on the back (in the pattern, they're up front) and I sewed the hem by hand, so there's no stitching line to be seen.

Detail of the fake cuff.

All in all I love the way he looks. Next step is to get him to eat spinach.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Good luck with the spinach! Great outfit for the time of year! I love the orange stripes.

  2. Wow, what a great outfit! I think he looks really fantastic and comfortable. I think the neckline looks good, too. The blue of the pants is the most beautiful blue I've seen in a long time. I love this color. My kids like cooked chopped spinach with a bit of butter melting on top and some salt and pepper - have you tried it this way?