donderdag 12 april 2012

Playing outside.

I am reading an inspiring book about the upbringing of children, called If the Buddha had kids by Charlotte Kasl. I can’t begin to sum up everything she says, about being respectful, encountering your child as it is (also the core of the SonRise program), not wanting to change your child into somebody he is not, how to treat your child’s behavior and approach his emotions, and so much more. She also emphasizes the importance of playing outside and connecting with nature.
I so agree with her. As a kid, I roamed the fields around our house, played in the grounds of my parents business, in the grass in our garden and that of my grandparents. I still love to be in the
woods and find comfort there.
My boy loves to be outside, too. Oh boy, we walk in the forests a lot. Nowadays he’s more into playing in the schoolyards with our team members from the Dutch SonRise, climbing, lending
skateboards and skelters, running.
Above are picture of him near our lake, this Easter. The municipality put up al kinds of new climbing constructions and it was so much fun to see him enjoying himself.

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  1. Haven't read the book, but would love to. I agree... you have to let children be who they want to be. As a mother to teenagers, I see so many parents trying to force their children into certain colleges and certain career paths... even when the child says they want to go a different way. It can difficult, but they need to find their own way.