vrijdag 6 april 2012

Getting ready for Eastern.

This week, we decorated the house for the upcoming feast.
Today Pelle and I dyed some eggs and put them in the basket with the grass I sowed almost two weeks ago (an idea from the net). The little hares are made by my mother, when I was a child.
Pelle made the hare at school. The felt chicken was a gift.

I told Pelle why we celebrate Eastern and what it means to us. I find it important for him to learn about religion and spirituality. To let him know that we all live in one world and that love for one another is the key to an abundant life. And that there is so much wisdom speaking from the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, and so many, many others. That true value surpasses the material world. I trie to live it to him and hope it will resonate in his life.

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