zondag 19 oktober 2014


Yesterday I finished sewing a skirt from velour. 
It was my intention to:

  • ·         Sew something for myself
  • ·         Use my stash of fabrics.

The later was not that easy since most of the time I buy fabric with making something for my boy in mind. The transfer from something a 9-years old boy can wear into something suitable for his mother took some experimenting but I think I succeeded very well. 
 I started out using a simple pattern

Pattern from Knip

but had to adjust that because my pieces of velour were too small. 
The main part of the skirt is made now made of 8 teal panels instead of 4, with an additional border of light blue. All in all I sewed 22 pieces together (including a inner skirt) and also made an applique. You can imagine it took some time (and I'm not a fast seamstress in the first place) but again, I really enjoy the whole process.
While making the skirt,  I decided to use another pattern for the top, to make a better fit. 
Ottobre pattern
The skirt is lined, but I’m still in doubt about that. It makes it heavy and maybe the flow is better without it. We’ll see.
The color is hard to photograph, I found out. It in between green and blue and I like it very much. To make the pieces come together even more I made a kind of star applique. 

After all the practice I had with making appliques for my boy, this is hardly is a challenge anymore. My Pfaff and I work together very well.
I hope to show a modeled picture soon. Have to wait for better weather.

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