donderdag 5 januari 2012

A little trick.

Pelle wore his red pants today and oh my, do they look good on him. I will post some picks when the matching sweater is ready by the end of next week. But as I had anticipated, the waistband was a bit too wide. I did not want to sew belt loops, because he has a strange habit of lowering all his pants below his bellybutton and insisting on wearing a belt whenever it is possible. The combination of those two preferences makes him complain about a light pain on his hips. No wonder, but I can’t talk these habits out of his head. They only alternative is no loops at all and hence no belt. He doesn’t have a problem with that.
So to adjust the waistband, I though of something else. Before folding it over, I sewed two large buttonholes on the inner side. And this evening I put an elastic band through it. Then I fixated the band, cut the spare ends off and voilĂ , a little invisible stretch in the back. No need to use buttonhole elastic. If he gets a little thicker (if ever), I can undo it easily.

A very smart solution, if I say so myself.



Fixating the band.

Cutting of the spares.

Nothing to see anymore, except the holes.

The result. A flat front.

A wrinkled back.

Doesn't it look professional?

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