donderdag 29 december 2011


I love to sew, but it isn’t always easy. Technically, I’ve learned bit by bit these past years, but I still have mishaps. Appliqués that don’t work out, combinations that are over the top, finished garments that are too plain for my liking. They usually do not find their way to Flickr or this blog. And although I have many fabrics, I am now encountering another problem: the leftovers I have from former projects are too small for yet another round. I had this idea about an orange sweater to match the brown pants I sewed. I traced a pattern and had it all worked out in my mind. I envisioned a hood with a striped knit lining. And pockets with a small binding on the edges made from the same stripy fabric. Green stitches and a green cord.

The plan.

And then I discovered I simply did not have enough orange sweater fabric. So I ordered another piece online. It arrived yesterday, but it simply doesn’t match. (It doesn’t have to be exactly the same, because I can easily split up the front and back, but the two colors really don’t go together, although it’s hard to see on the photo).

The mismatch, although hard to see.

It’s so frustrating. I looked forward to making this and now I have to put in on hold and wait till I can go into town on a Tuesday when there’s a fabric market.

I guess the only thing I can do now is turn my head around and choose between two other options: using the pattern and make the sweater from different fabrics or start with another winter pant.

Alternative 1: the original pattern, different fabrics.

Alternative 2: Warm red fabric (2 coats) for a pant.

Well, compared to all the problems in the world I won’t complain and make a start with either one. You'll find out soon.

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  1. I sympathize with you on this one - I hate it when I have something all planned in my head and it doesn't go the way I wanted it to construction-wise or ends up looking different due to a lack of fabrics. So frustrating! I had a similar problem a few years ago when making clothing for my oldest started to require more than a yard of fabric for her size. A few times I had already cut out most of the pieces when I discovered that I just didn't have enough. She has one dress that has a piece that, while it is the same print, is slightly darker in color than the other pieces in that print. I notice it, but I think that others don't. As one who sews, I think we are often too hard on ourselves when it comes to the final product. I hope you will find a new way to use the orange, because it is such a happy fabric - especially the stripe, but I do like the new combination. It has a nice, nautical, spring-time feel to it. And I like the idea of red pants - my younger daughter has gone through 2 pairs of red pants and is asking for a new pair. I can see the red pants and the sweater with the new fabrics being a very nice look for Pelle.