dinsdag 15 november 2011

Warm brown pants

Since the weather is getting colder rapidly, I had to make my boy some warm pants. Until now, I used the regular Ottobre patterns and since they are usually a bit baggy I sized them down a bit. (He is now 122 cm. long and I would have sewn a 116 pattern without the seam allowances). But this time I wanted a straighter fit. Not too tight, as in the latest issue, but nevertheless a bit smaller. And I found it! This one is from the winter issue of 2006 ( # 19) and I like it very, very much. I am definitely going to use this pattern for a long time.
For this probe, I used a thicker stretchy corduroy from my stash. I traced the legs in one piece and cut in into diagonals, based on an Farbenmix pattern I like. I played around with the grain of the fabric. Since Pelle never uses his fly (he just pushes his trousers and underwear down in one move, not even undoing his belt and than wrangles it up again) I made a mock one. Probably my last, because he will not be able to get the pants over his bottom and hips when the fabric is not stretchy.
First thing to do now is make a sweater to go along with this dark brown color. I already have some things in mind (orange, and red, and pinkish. Oh where to begin first?)

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  1. I like the modifications you made to the pattern. Please show us the sweater when you finish it. I, too, am sewing for my son right now and most of it is brown and orange! I have a pattern ready to trace for brown cord pants, also Ottobre, but mine is from a more recent issue. Nice to see your creations again.