maandag 25 oktober 2010

Hey hey we’re the monkeys.

I made yet another T-shirt from the fabric I ordered in Denmark. As I was concerned that using all the fabric would make the T too busy, I decided to go for a raglan cut, and I also added some black knit along the front and back.
I also used a black trim at the yoke, because I wanted to avoid seeing stitches in the pattern of the fabric (and decapitating the monkeys, so to say). I am very pleased with the result. Despite the black, it’s fresh and despite all those rows of monkeys it’s not to childish.

I would love to make 2 more shirts and try the T-shirt pattern of the last issue of Ottobre, because I think I have an excellent fabric match for that one.
We'll see.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Van the monkeys ken ik alleen de muziek en niet de beelden.... maar het is een prachtig shirt. Ik vind raglanmouwen zo mooi, mijn fijnste shirts hebben raglanmouwen, onbewust want ik koop het eigenlijk nooit bewust... En de apen zijn prachtig, en zo mooi doordat je nergens halve apen gebruikt met die stroken aan zij- en onderkant.

  2. I love all these wonderful fabrics, I have looked at a lot of them, but never bought! It's lovely!

  3. Those monkeys are so cute and I like the combination of the fabrics.

  4. Hi, next time when you are ordering, please contact me, I'll order with you together!

    Greetings Annemieke