donderdag 22 april 2010

Flow and frustration

This is a bag I made for the little son of Pelle’s teacher, juf Hester. Baby Owen was born in February and Hester and he visited her old class today. I used an old curtain I found at a second-hand shop. The pictures are from a boy and girl called Jip and Janneke, famous characters from a Dutch childrens book. The bag is from a pattern from a Burda (nr. 2 of 2010), which I leafed through at sewing lesson and liked very, very much. And I also thought I could easily enlarge the pattern, once I got the hang of making it. Well, I was a bit optimistic. Bagmaking is not that easy. At least, if you are stubborn and want to make alterations. (Why do I do that all of the time?? These people at Burda sure do a good job at designing don’t they? But then I find some gadgets I saved, like a red square ring and a buckle I want to incorporate and I have to rethink the construction and then it all goes awry, because rethinking constructions is too hard for me).
Well, I finished it anyway and am pleased with the result, although the finish is not up to my usual standard. I sure hope Hester will like it.
And it was not all bad, because at the beginning I felt a real flow. I sometimes am so concentrated at a sewingjob which is hard, but not too hard, that time and everything else seems to disappear. It’s just me and the fabric, moving like one.
I trust I will feel it again, someday, with another piece. It makes sewing so worthwhile.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It's a very sweet bag. I'm sure Hester and Owen will love it. I'm ok at sewing alterations, but I often try it in baking, usually making the recipe 50% bigger...I always forget half way through! I have to try and fix it then, before it goes in the oven!

  2. mooi geworden!
    ik heb nog wel zo'n gordijntje als je er nog eentje wilt maken ;-)

    NIce bag!
    I have the other curtain with same print for you if you want another one.. ;)
    Last weekend I bought a nice book with patterns of bags! For inspiration, have a look.