vrijdag 15 januari 2010

Sewing again

Back to the basics of this blog: sewing for a boy. I finaly finished a pant (man, did that waistband trouble me. And still it's not perfect, because the beltloops are to small.)

ringo pants
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Ringo pants
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These pants are made from an old skirt from my mom. It's a bit out of the box for me, colourwise, but I like the way they turned out. As I was afraid that the wool would itch, I lined the pants. I am pleased with the shape. Rather slim and more suitable for this fabric than a baggy one, I think. Still have to redo the beltloops, because he needs a belt with this one, as some of you might see.

My mother has given me another of her old skirts, I might make another pant. Then I will sew the fold as the versitale Mma. Zsazsa did here.

And this morning a made a hat, because Pelle's old one is becoming to small.

chewing peppermint
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The hat is a bit tight, as the fabric is not as stretchy as the fabric recommended in the pattern (the fabric's like a towel - can't come up with the English name right now- with a little strech). But he hasn't removed it yet, and that's already quite unusual. This boy is like his father, not fond of wearing anything on the head.

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  1. The pants look wonderful! While I will agree with you that it's not your normal color choice, they're still quite stylish in a vintage sort of way, and it's a great way to recycle fabric that still has a lot of wear left in it. You did a fantastic job matching the plaid, as well.