dinsdag 19 mei 2009

Hoping he will love it, some day

One of the things I really love doing, is going for a walk in the woods. And last weekend we found a beautiful track, near Balloo, just 15 km. away. It was raining a bit, but that didn't stop us.
The track was only 1,5 km. long, but so very versatile! Blooming meadows, heather, a fen, pines and juniper-berries, gravehills from the bronze age, it all was there. And now the green colours are overwhelming.

We had a televisionseries some years ago, called "Of beauty and comfort", where famous scientists and philosophers spoke about what gave them consolation. If I have to give an anwser to that, it would involve being outside, walking in nature, feeling the change of seasons and the circle of life. Being a part of it all. Nowing that the earth will excist even if I'm not there anymore. That is an encouraging thought to me.

I often take Pelle to the woods nearby, or on a bikeride along the lake or the fields. Feeling strongly connected to my childhood environment, I sure hope Pelle will learn to love the woods and nature, too.
I guess I have to be patient. Because busses and cars are so much more fun. They move, you see. And you can ride in them, even better. Nothing can conquer that, not even being on daddies shoulders.

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  1. Hai hello,
    I try again to reply to your talk....
    About 10 years ago, I told everyone who wanted to hear it, that nature is my church....
    And I still love it, at the same way you wrote. And nice to read, that you also have special thoughts about the Paterswoldse meer and so on!
    Oke, bye bye Annemieke